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Tuesday 30th August 2011 ~ Normality Resumes

Several subtle changes have occurred during the blogs absence. 37569 has had its destination displays changed to the standard large font, this happened around 13th August and leaves 37579 as the only one retaining the narrow font style. Various new ads have appeared including ones for the new films 'One Day' and 'Apollo'. Today a new scheme for 'Team Milk' appeared having been fitted to buses stabled at Lowestoft over the weekend. Noted with this were 37564/567/574.
Back at the office window, punctuality was under the spotlight. Successive departures from Wisbech to Peterborough were bang on time this morning, Y6 had 37573, Y7 was 37160 and L8 37578. Later there were a few delays with 37567 running 9 late on L10 (the 10.48) and Y13 with 37156 10 late on the 12.18. L11 with 37158 lost ten minutes on the western section, 3 late x 13 late returning. 37565 on K14 was 12 late but this had reduced to 8 late on the 13.35 from Peterborough. K15 (37574) was 21 late at the Southgates on the 12.45 from Lynn to Peterborough and later passed Wisbech 13 late on the 14.05 ex Peterborough. As the afternoon progressed, so timings improved.
20352 was once again in use on K3 and it looks as if King's Lynn will miss this vehicle when it departs, such has been its reliability this time round. Not out today were 37577 on MOT prep and 37159 still awaiting repair to its fuel tank. There was a swap at Lowestoft on Y9 which these days is very rare, 37569 was changed for 37566 in order that the latter could be in position at Lynn tomorrow for servicing and attention from Marty the Volvo man.
Because of the Bank Holiday, the servicing requirement at Lynn has become congested. K4 started today with 37157, but this came off at 09.57 for freshly serviced 37572 to work forward enabling 37157 to be dealt with. Y6 then had 37573 due for attention removed for the aforementioned 37157 to take over. 37570 was also serviced today doing the regular 'off maintenance' turn, K5.

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