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Wednesday 7th September 2011 ~ Training the New Recruits

The likelihood of B10M coaches returning regularly to the X1, now that just 20115 and 20126 remain as possibilities, is remote it would seem. Occasionally though 20109 is seen in use as a driver trainer, back on June 15th,  John W saw it in Gaywood and on Monday it was seen by Malcolm in Gorleston.
The X2 seems to be using anything available at the moment and yesterday Malcolm reports Dart 43463 on the 14.38 Lowestoft - Norwich. Today Michael Bryant phoned to say 37571 had surprisingly appeared on the 12.38 after 37156 was called back to Lynn for servicing. Michael says that as far as he is aware, 571 is the only B9 Gemini never to have appeared on the X2 - until now that is. In addition 34157 was on the 10.38 today.
Timekeeping on the X1 was exemplary today with very light road traffic levels, three morning services from Peterborough were either early or on time into Wisbech, these being L8 10.35 with 37574, Y9 11.05 with 37576 and L10 11.35 with 37567. The only hiccup occurred late afternoon when K17 with 37156 (having replaced 37571 - see above) was 10 late on the 15.05 ex Peterborough and then K18 which had been just 2 late going west with 37157, must have encountered a problem en route as it was 16 late returning.
37160 was the Lynn spare bus today with 37575 sidelined for Volvo attention at Lynn on Thursday.

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