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Wednesday 21st September 2011 ~ An Old Favourite

The Peterborough to Norwich section of the X1 rarely sees anything unusual these days, but east of Norwich it is a different matter with various vehicles appearing on the X1 'shorts' or 'shuttles' as they are sometimes known. These operate between Gorleston and Norwich and return at peak times.
This morning, Richard Adderson texted me to say that he'd viewed 34108 at North Burlingham on an X1. I did momentarily wonder if the 'Royale' had been let loose on a Peterborough working again - it last worked to the west end of the route on November 24th last year - but alas it was just on a short, the 08.52 from Yarmouth being driven by Des nonetheless. This is his photograph taken especially for 34108's greatest fan, Bruce.

The X2 borrowed a Gemini today with 37570 appearing on the 14.08 to Norwich, this was partly because 37156 had been used on L10 as it was required at Lynn for servicing. 156 was changed for 37160 which worked forward from Lynn to Lowestoft at 13.02.

Punctuality was good in the west today, except, unusually, first thing when services from Peterborough suffered delays. 37575 on K3 08.56 Wisbech to Lowestoft was 14 late in from Peterborough and then 37573 on K4 was 11 late and K5 with 37576 6 late. After this, services ran to time. L8 had 37577 taken off at King's Lynn just after 09.00 for unknown  reasons, it was replaced by 37563.

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