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Sunday 11th September 2011 ~ Diversionary Tactics

An all B9 worked service today. Only late runner seen by me was 37578 17.50 King's Lynn - Peterborough which was 16 late at Walpole, Seemed odd for a Sunday evening, but as so often is the case, all is explained by Des who says  "I was given 37578 for the 15.30 Great Yarmouth to Peterborough which I worked to Lynn. Departed on time with a full bus, as this weekend it is the Maritime Festival in Yarmouth.  Resurfacing of the road on a short length of the normal X1 route meant a diversion (click on the map for a larger version) which although shorter than the normal route,  was also serviced by the local service 8. My X1 was in front of this service and picked up large numbers of local travellers.

On to Norwich, where the football had just turned out at the same time as the shops closing, so I picked  up a full load, departing 4 late at 16.14. I took time to warn the driver of the 16.15 to Lowestoft not to use the Bracondale/County Hall route as it was very congested.
I then encountered heavy congestion on Newmarket Road, because many were leaving the County Showground 'Norfolk Gala Day'. Arrival at  Easton was 15 late at 16.40 and we then became embroiled in a slow moving A47 convoy along whole route due to old cars, old buses and horse boxes :  Hockering -20 (16.50), Dereham -20 (17.04), Swaffham -18 (17.32), Arrived Lynn -20 (18.04) - This was given over to Ray who you saw Gerard running 16 late".
For a report on the gala day, please visit Andy's blog at

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