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Saturday September 10th 2011 ~ 37156 in Trouble Again

37563 makes haste through Walpole this afternoon working the 13.15 King's Lynn (09.55 ex Lowestoft) to Peterborough (K16)
Des reports : "Originally - 37579*64*156*69 were scheduled out of Yarmouth this morning, but 37156 returned to the depot with a broken indicator stalk and 37569 was able to step up a turn and take over, although this meant that the 07.15 James Paget Hospital to Peterborough started at Yarmouth due to time overtaking events. No indicator stalk was available at Yarmouth or Lowestoft, so a replacement was sought from Lynn to be delivered to Lowestoft. 
There was no tacho fitted bus available  to replace 156 at Yarmouth and the driver refused to take 156 light to Lowestoft. This then meant that Y13 07.30 Yarmouth - Lowestoft was cancelled. I was meant to travel passenger to Lowestoft, but drove 37156 and its driver to Lowestoft, "Not In Service".
The Lowestoft spare bus. 37160 was available to work the 08.25 to Peterborough'.
 At Lynn 37571 was kept in for windscreen attention along with 37565 and 37569 on Y10 was due to finish at Lynn for MOT prep.


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