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Wednesday 31st August 2011 ~ Blink and You'll Miss It

Twice today services seemed to go awol from their Wisbech stops. This morning the 09.48 to Peterborough (L8) failed to appear, although it did return just 3 late on the 10.35 from Peterborough with 37563. As a consequence, 37578 on Y9 10.18 westbound from Wisbech was as wedged as I've seen a Gemini, all seats taken. This afternoon, I must have blinked because I definitely missed K19 15.18 to Peterborough - it did appear though eastbound as 37570  6 late for the 16.56 Wisbech to Lowestoft.
All in all, punctuality was less than spectacular today. 37568 on Y7 09.18 Wisbech to Peterborough was 1 early, but after that it was all downhill. 37565 on L11 was 9 late in each direction, then 37156 on K14 managed to be 17 late westbound, however, it had (surprisingly) made up some of this loss to pass through eastbound only 8 late on the 13.35 from Peterborough. K16 14.35 from Peterborough, which is notorious for late running, was 13 late into Wisbech with 37158. K1 westbound was 17 late with 37575 having lost time en route as Malcolm reports it just 2 late from Lowestoft, whereas perversely 37564 on K2 16.18 Wisbech to Peterborough passed me just 2 minutes in arrears, when earlier it had been 16 x 7 late from Lowestoft.  Passengers who missed it had a long wait, as 20352 on K3 was noted passing Bruce's bungalow 36 minutes late and Malcolm reports the coach as being 8 late in and 5 late out of Lowestoft. The added delay may have been down to an accident which affected the Hardwick roundabout. K4 did run too though and 37573 was 9 late, or to put it another way, just 3 minutes behind the Profile.
37566 had started the day on K4, but it had an appoimtment with Marty, the Volvo engineer at Lynn, so 37573 came out to work forward on the 10.02 to Lowestoft. Our man at the wheel, Des Speed says " I was driving 37574 on the 09.25 ex Lowestoft as far as Lynn. Nicely on time until coming out of Norwich, Newmarket Road being down to one lane controlled by auto boards, this made us 4 late at  Easton (11.17), then stop go boards at Toftwood helped to make us -3 at Swaffham (12.10). Arrival in  Lynn was 6 late at 12.43. Heading back east 37160 was on time on K18 17.02 from Lynn to Yarmouth".

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