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25/10/08 Postscript

Well I've just heard from Rob Brooks and it would appear that Saturday's Gemini gremlins were worse than I thought. 37563 did not appear at Wisbech for the 12.31 to Peterborough, so presumably after the low power at Easton it must have been terminated at King's Lynn. All the more surprising then that it was 9 late when seen at Walpole at 14.27, as it had obviously gone empty to Wisbech and started there as the 14.09 to Lowestoft. Secondly Rob points out that 37573 went empty from Lynn to Peterborough at 15.35 to make up for its lost time being seen on the Wisbech bypass which seems to becoming a regular haunt for the Geminis and it presumably then became K5 with 20126 taking over K7. What a fiasco !

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