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Saturday 4th October 2008 ~ Double Trouble Part 2

20504 (right) explains to 20503 (left) why it refused to go to Peterborough this evening !

As expected last nights problems with the failed B10s were not major. 20107 had a loss of gears/ power merely caused by a blown fuse while 20126 had loss of air pressure which was resolved by repairing its air dryer (no jokes please). Both buses were out on the X1 today, 20107 on K5 - on weekdays this is the first Peterborough turn from Lynn, but on Saturdays it starts at Wisbech - and 20126 on K1 which is the first Peterborough turn on Saturdays. All three B7 Profiles were kept spare at Lynn today and one result of this was 20142 appearing on the X1 for the first time since about 15th September, it did K18. At King's Lynn garage 20118 was having a service and 20141 had returned from a chassis wash at A.R.M. at Setch and was on MOT prep.

A close watch was kept on punctuality today and Peterborough bound departures from Wisbech ran as follows : Y8 09.01 on time, Y9 09.31 4 late, J10 10.01 10 late, J11 10.31 4 late, L12 not seen, L13 11.31 5 late, Y14 12.01 4 late, K15 12.31 8 late, K16 13.01 on time, K17 13.31 4 late, K18 14.01 17 late, K3 14.31 on time, K5 15.01 14 late, K7 15.31 11 late and K1 16.01 14 late. 20142 on K18 had reduced its defecit from 17 mins to 9 on its return, while a recovered 20107 on K5 slashed its lateness from 14 minutes to just 1 minute.

This evening things once again became a mess and the driving rain and strong winds didn't help. Y8 06.02 Yarmouth - Peterborough & 09.48 return to Lowestoft had 20104, but this was swapped at Lowestoft and the 14.25 to Peterborough set out with 20114, this was deemed unfit to continue on arrival at Lynn and 20508 which had been on a town service and which hadn't been on an X1 for weeks was borrowed to work Y8 to Peterborough and back. The next arrival at 17.54 , Y9 with 20504 was also failed and instead of departure to Peterborough at 17.59, passengers had to await the arrival of 20111 on J10, the 18.24 arrival. This got away at about 18.40 and was seen returning through Walton Highway at 20.48 (31 late). J11 was, as is usual on such occasions, delayed by Norwich City playing at home (or trying to !) and was 20 late getting away from Lynn with 20105. L13 19.59 to Peterborough was also delayed with 20103 departing 12 late. The late arrival of J11 meant that K6 19.42 to Lowestoft with 20127 had to wait for the driver to have his break and eventually left at 20.04, 22 late. So all in all a pretty poor night.

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