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Tuesday 28th October 2008 ~ The Farce Continues....

I really would like to have some good news to report regarding the X1 revolution, but alas today followed the same pattern as recent days. Analysing the situation relies on many factors, but it quickly becomes apparent that with traffic delays and heavy passenger loadings, the Gemini double deckers are - as things stand - seldom up to the task. Whilst the new buses glossy image may distract from the fact that on many occasions passengers are waiting for in excess of an hour for a service to appear, it wont take long for the public to cotton on to the fact that the new buses are almost always late. A £2 single fare promotion introduced this week has undoubtedly added to delays with larger numbers of passengers in half term week.
So what of today (or yesterday as it is now with this report going out very late tonight !) ? well 37565 which disappeared from King's Lynn over the weekend has reached Lowestoft now, but still doesn't appear to have worked in service, 37569 is still with trade plates and was viewed by Tina yesterday on the A149 Lynn northern bypass on a test run. 37571 has gone back to Volvo with a problem with its AdBlu system and a malfunctioning destination screen, while 37566 returned very quickly after failing yesterday morning on K2 with a faulty fuel valve, it was back from Volvo and in Vancouver Avenue depot tonight.
Of the Geminis actually working, things are very hit and miss. Observations today by Bruce, James V and myself produced the following ;
37563 K17 - seen running 33 late at Wisbech westbound at 14.07 with 20107 on K18 behind it (yes literally, not a car seperated them !). It also did the daily Gemini run on the Wisbech bypass on the return to try and regain some time.
37564 - now this one really behaved itself, it was seen just 2 late at Wisbech whilst Peterborough bound on Y14 and was on time at Walpole on its return at 13.49. Tonight it was a mere 6 late on the 21.31 Wisbech to Peterborough, so well done 564.
37567. More what we've come to expect here. It did K3 06.54 Wisbech - Lowestoft and on arrival late running saw it drop down on to K4 13.25 return to P'bo, It was seen at Walpole Highway depositing passengers 35 late at 17.22.
37568 had a better day and was on time on Y8 06.02 Yarmouth - Peterborough and the 09.48 return to Lowestoft where it seems to have taken over Y9 which it worked to Lynn arriving at 17.54. It is not known what worked forward.
37573 did L12 07.15 Lowestoft - Peterborough and 11.48 return. It was 12 late on the latter, but some delay can be blamed on J11 not running on the western section, therefore meaning 573 had a double load of passengers. 20105 was J11 and presumably late running was the reason it didn't work westbound from Lynn at 09.59.
So I reckon that's 3-2 in favour of better timekeeping, maybe grounds for optimism ?

Naturally the B12s and B10s filled all the gaps. Jamie V noted 20127 which seems to be Yarmouth allocated after all, on X1 shuttles along with 201o4 which ended up on Y21 17.25 ex Lowestoft into Lynn. All the Paragons bar 20507 were in evidence on X1s and 507 along with 20141 are expected to return to Lynn before departing for distant climes.
20351 which hasn't worked since Friday is awaiting parts I am told and is resting at Rowan Road.

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