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Monday 6th October 2008 ~ Melt Down

What started as a perfectly normal Monday ended in meltdown due to roadworks in Yarmouth which paralysed the eastern end of the service. Things began quite well, but by mid morning the knock-on effect of the Yarmouth resurfacing work was becoming apparent. After J11 10.31 Wisbech - Peterborough (07.05 ex Gorleston) departed on time with 20127, things went rapidly downhill viz L12 11.01 with 20105 24 late, L13 11.31 with 20121 20 late etc. 20126 on Y14 was due off Wisbech to Lowestoft at 13.39, but was still in the bus station at 14.00.
Meanwhile over at King's Lynn it was organised chaos. Almost every service changed vehicles and at one stage the service seemed to be running as two separate entities (Lynn - Peterborough & Lynn - Lowestoft). To add to the problems, 20353 failed on K3 and had to be replaced by 20118 which had been allocated a Hunstanton schools run. 20127 went to Peterborough twice, firstly on J11 and then again on K17 12.59 ex Lynn. 20131 did Y8 17.29 Lynn - Peterborough as the incoming service was delayed. 20107 was kept for schools work, but the other two turns are unknown, although 20131 probably did one.
20508 has now returned to mainstream X1 work following bodywork repairs on Saturday. The replacement double deckers for Hunstanton services are being postponed following a phone call to Lynn depot this afternoon.
20141 (MOT) and 20353 (repairs) were first in line for maintenance tonight and 20504 was next in line. 20120 remains at Rowan Road awaiting its turn for repair.


ECBusman said...

Sightings :- 16.40 (ish) saw a Premiere on its way to Lowestoft, , 16.45 (ish) saw 20508 turning out of James Paget Hospital, on it's way to Lowestoft and 18.30 (ish) saw WAO5 UNG on its way back to Peterborough.

Gerardtcc said...

Thanks for the sightings. Gerard