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Thursday 9th October 2008 ~ A Helping Hand

20118 in the sunshine at Walpole Highway today on K17 13.17 to Peterborough

With a backlog of maintenance developing at King's Lynn, today two B10s were sent from Lowestoft to assist the situation. These were 20104/09 which were utilised on the afternoon schools turns along with 20131. The arrival of Volvo Olympians at Lowestoft has presumably eased the situation there. The reinforcements meant that 20501/05/07 were all able to receive scheduled services.

As reported yesterday B7 Profile 20351 spent overnight at Yarmouth. It came back today on Y9 06.32 Yarmouth - Peterborough, but by the end of the day had changed places coming in on Y8, while 20117 had reversed turns and was Y9 20.42 Lynn - Lowestoft. 20352 did K3 and Chrissie saw it leaving Lynn bus station 16 late at 14.15 but with a keen driver it was only 7 late from Wisbech, meanwhile 20353 had an interesting day, beginning on K17 as usual it was removed from this at Lynn at 12.54 and then replaced 20127 on L13 13.42 back to Lowestoft, in order that the B10 could do Lynn town diagram 7 on the Hunstantons. K17 went forward to Peterborough with 20118, so there may have been a fault on the B7.

There was a major delay on the A47 east of Lynn tonight as 20111 on L12 due in at 19.39 was seen arriving at 20.40 while 20353 on L13 was just in front of it 46 minutes late. As a result, 20504 off K4 19.07 arrival from Peterborough was procured to work L13 19.59 to Peterborough. 20501 was unfit to continue on K6 at 16.59 to Peterborough so 20109 off a schools turn replaced it and 501 retired to the garage. Lowestoft swapped 20142 on K5 11.10 arrival for 20107 on the 11.25 return and K1 12.10 arrival saw 20105 come off and 20142 return. K19, the X2 diagram started with 20103 but 20105 replaced it during the day.

Some good news today was 20141 passing its MOT and it should be available for traffic tomorrow. 20120 is next in line for repairs after another long lay off.

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