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Sunday 12th October 2008 ~ It's All Happening

Following yesterdays confirmation that four of the new Geminis had indeed arrived in Norwich, today another two arrived at Fleetwood Dock en route from the Wright works at Ballymena to FEC.
Now far be it from me to start another load of rumours after the debacle with the Hunstanton replacement deckers which never arrived, but I am told this evening that two Geminis will be arriving at King's Lynn for driver training on Wednesday. Let's see if we get this one right ! I assume that means that Lowestoft will receive the other pair, IF they are the ones currently at Volvo in Norwich.
Today was a good day for the B10s with 20103/04/11/21/41 all out on the X1. 20501/2/3/7 were the B12s in use today.
For those interested in older things, some pictures of my expedition to track down the Leyland Olympians yesterday are at :

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Sam Wickham said...

On the subjects of rumours; I heard from someone that some (all?) of the Norwich 07 B7TL Geminis may be moving across to you for Hunstantions and as X1 spares - from where I'm sitting it seems like a large amount of tosh though!