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Sunday 19th October 2008 ~ Mischief Making

I'm assured by the people that know that the Yarmouth Gemini is in perfect condition and the rumour seems to have come about by someone saying 'one of the new buses at Yarmouth has been damaged', by which it is assumed they meant 20353. Work is well underway on this one and also on long term absentee 20119, thanks to Ryan for the update.

The new arrivals at King's Lynn spent another idle day at Lynn garage as did 20351/2 at Rowan Road compound. Tonight 20118/120 & 20505/8/9 were at the garage and 20109/126/131/141 and 20506 at Rowan Road. Old timers 20103/5/7 were on the X1 turns starting at Yarmouth / Lowestoft and at least two of 20111/114/142 were out on Lynn diagrams.

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