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Monday 20th October 2008 ~ Great Expectations

My friend John had to return to Edinburgh this morning, so what better way to get him to Peterborough station than on the X1 ? I drove him to Wisbech bus station, passing Bruce on the way at Walpole Highway. John caught K6 08.31 Wisbech - Peterborough (07.59 ex Lynn) with 20141. It was already 13 late arriving at Wisbech, but then got embroiled in chaos when a lorry overturned at the Parnwell interchange on the approach to Peterborough. It eventually arrived at Peterborough around 10.15 (due 09.13). Naturally my friend missed his pre-booked train and after getting nowhere with the travel office staff, he then encountered a friendly ticket inspector who endorsed his rail ticket and then another amiable guard on a later train. P'bo travel centre had told him to buy a single ticket for £100 !
Meanwhile back on the X1 the first service delayed by the accident was K4 08.48 P'bo - Lowestoft which Bruce noted 50 late at Walpole with 20114. 141 then followed on K6 56 late and then Y8 09.48 ex Peterborough with 20501 33 late. Y9 was 10 late heading west but was 31 late at Walpole on the 10.18 ex Peterborough with 20117. After this services ran only slightly late and by the afternoon on time running became the norm. Changes at Lynn due to the riot were K4 with 114 terminating, while 20142 replaced it at 10.12 to Lowestoft. 20141 on K6 was similarly substituted by 20109 and whether Y8 went through with 501 is unconfirmed. Y9 with 20117 terminated with 20506 having gone out eastbound at 11.42. Tonight Y8 14.25 ex Lowestoft was 20507. The 10.24 (L12) and 11.24 (Y14) arrivals at Lynn are unknown, but 20105 did L12 forward to P'bo and 20114 (off K4) did Y14, however it appears to have travelled up the Wisbech bypass to reach Peterborough as it didn't pass our man Bruce.
K19 - the X2 turn - began with 20126, but this got swapped and as Sam says : "126 did the 15:38 from Norwich and had a good turn of speed...however like all stories things go down hill from there on ! The indicators stopped working - hazards work but show a constant orange light and then it started to rain (no the roof didn't leak!) the wipers didn't work so when I got off the driver was ringing up the depot, for a fuse I expect". 20504 which had done K18 06.57 Lynn - Lowestoft replaced 126 on K19, while K18 went out from Lowestoft at 10.25 with profile 20351 (24 late at Wisbech). K17 09.55 which was allocated 20351 was given 20104 and this ws 22 late at Walpole. Tonight 20500 did the 17.55 ex Lowestoft instead of 20114.
20120 was in Vancouver Avenue tonight, but its place over the pit had been taken by 65532. 20505 was receiving a service and attention to its heater matrix on pit 2 and pit 3 was host to Gemini 37571.

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