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Wednesday 15th October 2008 ~ Oh Deer What Can The Matter Be ?

B7 Profile 20353 had a bad day today. It started the day at Yarmouth after the mix up yesterday which saw it come in on K5. Today it worked Y14 which begins with the 07.32 Yarmouth - Lowestoft and then the 08.25 to Peterborough. It was spotted on the latter approaching Wisbech 29 minutes late with 20505 on K15 behind it 12 minutes in arrears. By the time it had come back from Peterborough 353 was still 28 late but 505 had made up time and was on time meaning they were running within 60 seconds of each other . Later on 20353 hit a deer on the Acle straight, causing considerable front end damage - thanks to reports from Paul, Grahame & Ryan for the info - so it will be out of action for sometime and was towed in to Caister Road depot at Yarmouth. Because of this 20105 which was working K5 15.48 Peterborough - Yarmouth (seen leaving King's Lynn 15 late) was turned around at Norwich to run as Y14, on which it was 4 early at Walpole at 23.15 heading back to Lynn from Peterborough.
Things went a bit pear shaped at teatime as 20118 on K4 13.25 ex Lowestoft had a puncture, so to cover this 20500 off K1 replaced it. K1 itself then departed to Peterborough with Scania/Wright 65526 seen 8 late at Wisbech, as all available coaches were either on schools or on Hunstanton services (20106/111/131/504). 20131 worked forward from Lynn to Lowestoft at 18.12 relieving the Scania.
There were further changes when 20506 on K6 was swapped for 20111 for the 16.59 to Peterborough. Y8 which was coming in 22 late on the 14.25 ex Lowestoft with 20117 was seen at the South Gates at 17.43, where it was passed by 20506, confusingly also on Y8 heading for Peterborough, yes two buses on one diagram, well briefly anyway. 20117 did itself go to Peterborough on the 17.59 (Y9) replacing 20104.
20509 was declared a failure this morning with low air and an electrical fault and it has been dumped at Rowan Road in front of dead 20120.
20109 has had its 'One Two Free' ad replaced by one for a Fashion chain.
Even though a new Gemini has yet to arrive at Lynn, reports suggest that some may be in service within a week !!

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