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Sunday 26th October 2008 ~ A Conspiracy Theory

20501 in its last days seen this afternoon Peterborough bound
Now is there a conspiracy going on against our beautiful new double deckers ? All this talk of late running etc. Well in the interests of neutrality, this board always claims to show both sides of the coin. Bruce is adamant that time will tell that the new Geminis are just not up to the demands of the X1 route, but today seemed to show that without the weekday delays, things had improved slightly. Late last night K3 18.58 Lowestoft - Peterborough was about 16 late going to Peterborough but 1 min early returning, albeit at 00.17 when witnessed by our correspondents at Walpole Highway, however, Bruce points out that we are still waiting for a Gemini to appear on time on a westbound service from Lowestoft.

All the Geminis on the road so far congregated at King's Lynn overnight, with as reported yesterday, 37571 at Rowan Road out of service, 37569 in prep for service at Vancouver Avenue and the other six available for traffic. With six turns to cover 37564/6 were kept at the garage and 20501/2 sent out. 37567 was out on K1 06.59 Lynn - Peterborough and was seen on time at Walpole Highway returning at 09.17, The 07.59 westbound was 37568, but this was swapped for 20505 during the day. The 08.59 was seen at Thorney Toll at 10.31 running 44 late with 37563 after the booked driver failed to turn up. It was on time at Walpole this evening on the 19.18 ex Peterborough. The first eastbound departure from Lynn had 37573.

The three turns from Yarmouth had 20126, 20117 and 20104 but 126 was changed for 20118 at Lynn at 12.42 after it had more windscreen wiper problems. 118 had been used on the morning rail replacement turns between Downham Market and Cambridge, along with 20109/42 & 20504.

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