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Friday 3rd October 2008 ~ Double Trouble !

Yesterday's calm was a mere memory by this evening as the usual eventful Friday unfolded. Timekeeping was patchy, with less than 10 minutes late being average during the morning.
First surprise was 20352 appearing at Wisbech on J11 07.05 from Gorleston, it had started the day on K20 (the commuter to Norwich and return light job), but keeping it on this would have meant it ended up at Lowestoft, so it was switched at King's Lynn with 20117 which had come in on J11 and the B10 then did the remainder of K20. Meanwhile the B7s normal turn, K4 07.29 Lynn - Peterborough etc was covered by 20507 - a ploy to make sure it ended up at Lynn ??

20353 bucked the trend of 10 minutes lateness by turning up on K17 09.55 from Lowestoft on time, but an hour later 20351 on K3 was 15 late going west and 17 late returning. K5 11.25 ex Lowestoft was well late and was seen on its return, the 15.48 Peterborough - Yarmouth arriving at Wisbech 33 late with 20104. This had gone over to Lowestoft on K19 (the X2 turn) but it then replaced 20121 on K5. Subsequent services from Wisbech to Peterborough varied in fortunes : the 15.31 (K7) was only 7 late with 20505, the 16.01 (K1) with 20500 was 22 late, the 16.31 (K2) with 20103 on time (!), the 17.01 (K4) with 20507 5 late and 17.31 (K6) at least 12 late with 20126. Returning, Bruce saw 20500 being followed by 20103 through Walpole Highway at 18.22.
What nobody was expecting was that two B10s would expire in service simultaneuosly at 18.40 !
20107 was on Y9 18.31 Wisbech - Peterborough (14.55 ex Lowestoft) but failed at Guyhirn, passengers then having to wait an hour for 20117 which was fortuitously on time on K20, while just up the road at Thorney 20126 on K6 18.18 ex Peterborough also broke down. The passengers were picked up by the following Y8 18.48 with 20509 and this ferried them through to Lynn where 20504 (off J10) was prepared to work forward in the path of K6 which left 26 late at 20.08. At the same time 20111 which had worked K19 (X2 turn) was made ready to work Y9 20.42 to Lowestoft in place of 107. Both failed B10s were attended by fitters and were able to return to King's Lynn under their own power, 20107 arriving at 20.40 and 20126 being noted on the A47 Tilney bypass at 21.00, so presumably ailments were minor.

20142 was on the 43 service to North Wootton tonight and the schools turns were 20508, 20118 and 20131. Tonight 20508 was over the pits at Vancouver Avenue - if its new panels have arrived, it could be on its way north very soon. Both 20507/9 have ended up at Lynn tonight also (20507 it would appear by design) so watch this space !

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