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Thursday October 2nd 2008 ~ The Full Picture

It's not often you get a day on the X1 where everything pretty much runs to plan, but today fitted that description. Because of this here is a full list of today's coaches used :
K1 20502 K2 20109 K3 20352 K4 20351 K5 20114 K6 20509 K7 20501

Y8 20103 Y9 20111 J10 20507 J11 20121 L12 20104 L13 20105 Y14 20500

K15 20505 K16 20107 K17 20353 K18 20506 K19 20126 K20 20504 Y21 20503

Both K3 and K4 were on time this afternoon with their B7s which as regular followers will know is highly unusual, For the third successive day Y9 08.59 Lynn - Peterborough was not seen and certainly today it didn't run. Whatever malady 20111 was suffering from (if indeed any) was quickly made better and it completed the turn restarting as the 11.42 Lynn - Lowestoft.

20141 arrived back at Lynn today in preparation for its MOT. 20118 did King's Lynn local diagram 9 on the Hunstanton services.

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