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Friday October 10th 2008 ~ Who gives a hoot ?

Who gives a hoot ? Well not B7 Profile 20353 which Ryan says was taken off the road today at Yarmouth with its horn not working. It had done K4 08.48 from Peterborough and was replaced by 20103.
The other two B7s had a strange day, 20352 started on K17, but by early afternoon had switched to the following turn K18. It was due off Wisbech to Peterborough at 14.01 but left 23 late and on the return 14.48 Peterborough - Gorleston it had lost considerably more time and was 38 late at Wisbech with 20351 on K3 just two minutes behind it. Rob H saw them leaving in close succession and by the time they reached Walpole, Bruce says they were following each other. 20352 only worked to Lynn and it is not known if a replacement vehicle did the 16.12 (K18) or whether it was cancelled. This wasn't quite the end of 352s day though as it then worked Y8 17.29 Lynn - Peterborough and return replacing 20109. The following service also changed vehicles, Y9 arriving with 20121 and departing westbound with 20506. Swaps were too numerous to mention in their entirety today, but 20131 did K15 11.59 Lynn - Peterborough instead of 20503 which in turn did K17. 20105 on L13 13.09 Wisbech - Lowestoft ran late and 20509 on Y14 was only 2 minutes behind it when seen by Bruce nearing King's Lynn.
20106 has returned to King's Lynn as it is due a service, I'm unsure as to whether it came in on Y21 last night or whether it came over today. It may well have done a Hunstanton schools trip this afternoon, 20141 certainly did and the third contract may well have been 20507 which had done K18 until 13.24 (see 20352 above). 20501 remained in Vancouver Avenue this evening undergoing maintenance.

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