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Sunday 5th October 2008 ~ Paragon Parade

All ten B12 Paragons were present at King's Lynn over Saturday night / Sunday morning and all six Sunday Lynn turns were B12 worked, while Lowestoft sent out 20107/117/142.
20505 was ailing on the 08.18 Peterborough - Lowestoft and after some delay it was replaced by 20508 which was running 11 late when seen passing Walpole on the return afternoon trip from Lowestoft. This evening 20504 was in trouble for the second consecutive night. This time it broke down at Peterborough and Richard had to take 20501 over to relieve it on the 19.18 to Lowestoft. 504 is back at Lynn now but may require a new turbocharger.
Four W reg Olympians are apparently arriving at Lynn on Tuesday/Wednesday to replace the worst of the vehicles in use on Hunstanton services. If they are not immediately replaced, this could give an opportunity to send 20507/8/9 to Scotland by using the new buses on the schools contracts which are currently B10 worked, thus releasing them for X1 work.


ECBusman said...

A handful of things Gerald.

1. The 4 W reg Buses are actually ex First West Yorkshire loaned Alexandra ALX400 bodied Dennis Tridents (I am a little bit shocked as I was actually told by a Lowestoft driver that those W reg buses were set to replace some of the Olympians at Lowestoft). (best I could do on the picture side - second to Graheme Bessey's who didn't open his site for over 6 months - Thanks Graheme).

2. Apart from the above, have you got anything else arriving at either of the Lynn depots? - (The idea of the Olympians taking the School runs is actually not allowed as I thought that only fully, inspected, seatbelted vehicles could only run the school runs).

3. Just a thought, apart from the X1, how many routes are run by Kings Lynn vehicles and what is the pvr? and

4. Can you please get photos of 20507/8/9 in the last days of them while they are Kings Lynn allocated please? (If you could understand what I just said).

Also, do you know the registrations for the numberplates for the 17 brand new, forthcoming, Volvo B9TLs (fleetnumbers are not reqiured). I probably will, anyway, be able to get photos of the 17 new vehicles just after they come fresh out of the Scottish Manufacturers building (No guaruntee I'm afraid).

Thanks, Terence

ECBusman said...

Struggle to find any more pics Gerald. Just this one for you mate.

Gerardtcc said...

Terance : I thought Olympians had seatbelts fitted or am i missing something here ? Anyway all immaterial it would seem as new vehicles now postponed - see blog. Gerard

Sam Wickham said...

None of the Olympians (excluding the W reg ones I haven't used them yet will ask Mr BDOY) don't have setbelts - they are always used on X2/006/007/178/179 local schools done by the Lowestoft depot. The only thing in the FEC fleet with belts are the B10Ms/B12Ms

They really should have them fitted though - the amount of times I've nearly sodded off my seat :D