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Tuesday 21st October 2008 ~ In The Dark

I hope you'll bear with me in this report as I'm writing it without the aid of a screen as mine has packed up. When switched on it appears for about 1 second then goes blank, so i will try and check this for errors, but don't guarantee to succed !
Firstly news has appeared this evening of 37577 arriving at Fleetwodod Docks in Barbie livery, whereas it was expected to be in Excel X1 guise. The two Geminis at Lynn are now taxed and after type training with a fellow from Volvo on Thursday are expected to take to the road this weekend. Norfolk County Council are likely to end up with a hefty bill, as despite plenty of advance warning, they still haven't cut overhanging branches on the Toftwood route which will be an obstacle to the new vehicles. Another feature of the new deckers is that they are equipped with no less than 16 cameras ! I'm not quite sure how a driver is supposed to monitor all these, but there you are.
A brief mention of today now as I'm still typing blind. 20351 made the first appearance of its type on L13 07.45 Lowestoft - P'bo etc after overnighting on the coast after travelling over on K18 yesterday. there were a number of swaps, but overall timekeeping was fair.

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