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Tuesday 14th October 2008 ~ Coaches For All

Today King's Lynn provided 13 coaches for the X1 as usual but due to the dire situation on town routes, six others were found to assist here. 20504 did town diagram 11 and 20506 off an exam did turn 16. In addition 20131 and 20106 were on Hunstanton services and 20109 on schools. The other bus was 20111 which was removed from K5 14.29 to Peterborough to do schools, while 20353 went on the X1, even though this turn ends at Lowestoft. 353 was not the only Profile to be heading for the coast this evening as 20502 was a last minute failure for K1 06.29 to Peterborough and 20352 replaced it. Incidentally traffic build up on Nar Ouse Way at Lynn was so bad today that the enterprising lady driver of 352 on the 07.49 P'bo - Lowestoft did a U turn here and came in via Hardwick Road successfully beating the queue. 20502 was fit this afternoon and took K3 13.59 to Peterborough replacing 20353 (see above).
K19, which spends the day on the X2 began with 20141, but 20104 came back this evening. Worst timekeeper noted today was K18 10.25 Lowestoft - Peterborough which was 16 late at Wisbech. 20126 came in on Y21 17.25 from Lowestoft tonight with another new advert on the back.


alan said...

i do like your new x1 bus how do i see the inside on the web site and when are there coming to king,s lynn

ECBusman said...

Hello Alan,
The new vehicles only arrived in the UK for round-a-bout 1 - 2 weeks (I think). None have gone into service but, word is, Kings Lynn, Norwich - which I thought did more X1 vehicles than expected - , Great Yarmouth - can't think why - and Lowestoft are each getting one for a driver trainer (Gerard and Sam can bring us up-to-date with all of the details as soon as they happen). All I know is that Lowestoft will be getting 7-9 of the new buses - with some other surprising vehicles, which, ofcourse are Lowestoft based, replacing their own N/P/R reg Plaxton Premiere bodied Volvo B10Ms (short on time but will give full details in the F-E-C yahoo group this weekend with Tuesday's visits to Lowestoft Bus Station and, Gordon Road, depot).
As the buses have only been here for a short length of time, and never been in service, photos are extremely hard to come by. We will, however, get any photos passed onto this site A.S.A.P. Whatch this space! Terence Wilkins.