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Saturday 18th October 2008 ~ Paper Buses

The two Geminis at King's Lynn are awaiting paperwork and cannot be taxed until it arrives. Meanwhile a rumour was floating around Lynn this evening that the Yarmouth Gemini has already suffered some damage in the depot confines !
Next week promises to be fun when Norwich - Lowestoft rail replacement work begins and First are said to be struggling to provide their full contingent of vehicles.
20120 finally arrived at Vancouver Avenue today and it should be on the road by the end of the week after getting a new turbocharger and service. Lynn are short of labour this week though.
20114 was involved in a couple of swaps today. It began on K1 06.29 King's Lynn - Peterborough but was taken off the 07.48 return at Lynn as 20121 was required a service and this replaced it. 114 then remained spare and came in handy to replace 20502 on Y14 08.25 from Lowestoft which had to be taken out of traffic due to passenger illness.
Bruce reported most services from Peterborough about 10 late and this afternoon 20107 on K5 14.29 Lynn - Peterborough was 17 late and 20142 on K7 following was 13 late. After this things settled down and by early evening services were on time. 20131 was helping out on Hunstanton services today.

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