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Wednesday 8th October 2008 ~ Celebrations

Firstly congrats to Lowestoft as two W reg Olympians from first Somerset & Avon have arrived to oust some of the antiquary on the X2. The new vehicles for the X1 are due to start arriving soon and the King's Lynn fitters are to receive training on the new type in Ireland.
No alterations today though, except the service ran pretty much to timetable for a change. Perhaps anticipating lay overs at Lowestoft, King's Lynn surprisingly despatched 20117 on K4 07.29 Lynn -Peterborough. This came back on K6 which ends up at Lowestoft, meanwhile, K4 continued with 20508 which had done the initial eastbound service (K15a). 508 has other issues though and it was seen at 17.05 confusing the Wisbech locals on K4 with 'Great Yarmouth' on the destination blinds, whilst en route to Peterborough ! The B7 Profiles had a mixed day : 20351 was used on K17 which is an internal Lynn diagram, but this ended up on K18 so it may have a Lowestoft overnight. 20352 did the morning part of K20 then rested, whlie 20353 did all of K3.
Travellers on the 19.45 42 town service from Lynn to Gaywood Park had unexpected luxury with 20505 off L12 which left with 'Special' on the front, which I suppose it was !


ECBusman said...

Gerald, Just a thought, do you actually work for First? because what you write on your blog about the company, the vehicles, the service shedules and all the confusion about the day-day running of the company can be so confusing sometimes, but after the reader reads it (me and Sam strongly included) you really know how to put it in a way where the reader can understand what's going on (if that really is the best way I can put it), and for that you really deserve an award (That is if Sam, and any other reader, can back me up on this please). Anyway thank you very much for all the day-day entries - and strongly hopes it continues on long after the new buses arrive. (Infact, here, here, To Gerald, Cheers)

Anyway, back to buisness and 5 buses off to be fixed?!, with more in the waiting area - 'cough' 20120 and one service cancelled for a day?! Is there any such connection to First and good old plain Common Sence?

By the way, I seen 20508 in service everyday since Monday.

About the 2 W reg Olympians from First Somerset and Avon, well, - I checked their fleetlist and errrrrr well..... I don't know how to put this? - but, here it goes:- I couldn't find a W reg Olympian anywhere on the fleetlist, so I decided to do an investigation and there are only a few W reg double deckers in the fleet. Heres one- This, my friend, is an East Lancashire Coachbuilders Loyne bodied Dennis Specialist Vehicles Trident H49/30F Double Decker. Is this one of the two sent for the X2 and, if so, what are they expected to replace?

Can't think of any other business so I will just finish up by saying Thank you very much for all the day to day blogs and may your amazing enjoyful and inspirational fact-filled reports continue. (Sorry, I could't think of any other better way of saying it).

Thanks, Terence.

P.S. Don't mind me askig but why is there no blog for Wednesday, I was looking forward to that.

ECBusman said...

Just one thing that I forgot to put in that message - which I don't actually understand. What is K4, K6, K17, K15a, L12 and all the rest?

Gerardtcc said...

Hi Terence,

Glad you like the blog - no I don't work for 'First' though at the tender age of 16 I was offered a desk at the old EC hq at Thorpe Road, I didn't take it as I couldn't bear the thought of moving away from home in the Fens !
The diagram numbers : K4, K6 etc are explained in the X1 timetable which I've uploaded to the Anglia bus forum ;