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Wednesday 22nd October 2008 ~ Everything in Moderation

Well, I've just looked at the terrible mess I made of yesterday's report and with the aid of an emergency monitor, this one should be better ! It is with regret that as of today I am making the X1 blog a 'members only' experience. This is solely because some people who take their jobs too seriously have objected to other First employees contributing to the blog and as the last thing I want is for someone to get into trouble, this seemed the best way around it. Hopefully those who want to read it will apply to join as members.
An accident on the A47 made services from Peterborough late at teatime. K2 16.31 Wisbech - Peterborough with 20117 was already 29 late departing and then after the accident returned 58 late on the 17.18 ex Peterborough. It was still 58 down when it left Lynn for Lowestoft. K4 was (I think) terminated at Wisbech with 20503 and returned on time, but K6 was delayed by about 35 minutes with 20127. It left Lynn eastbound at 20.17 (due 19.42). After this things returned to normality. K17 and K3 both had B7s today as booked (20351/2) and amazingly both were on time. 20509 on Y14 was 17 late going to Peterborough. 20507 was on maintenance at Lynn last night but was not seen today, it is assumed to have done K5 17.12 Lynn - Lowestoft on which it must have replaced 20142 which ended up on town diagram 11.

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ECBusman said...

20103, 20127, 20504 and AOO2 RBX all seen in service today.
Also, one evening - roundabout 0-2 weeks ago - I saw an R reg Wright bodied errrrrrr - low floor, I think, Norwich based Scania on the X1, I think it was R147 GHS or something like that, (one of these is rarely seen on this particular route so any chance of an idea as to why this was on/what it replaced would help alot, - as would'ave said it was on shuttles but, apparently, Yarmouth do all 6 shuttles and this vehicle is not Yarmouth based - and I know(ish) what vehicles are Yarmouth based. Thanks. Terence.