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Monday 13th October 2008 ~ The best made plans

Well today the stream of Geminis arriving at Fleetwood Docks continued. According to Sam, who is much more on the ball with these things than me, now in England are : -
37565 AU58ECD
37566 AU58ECE
37567 AU58ECF
37571 AU58ECY
37572 AU58ECA
37573 AU58ECX

plus two as yet unidentified.

Alistair Liddle has taken a couple of photos of the new arrivals :

Meanwhile Richard says that initial plans to send two to Lynn on Wednesday have been modified and the plan is now to send one each to Lynn, Lowestoft, Yarmouth and Norwich for driver training. He expressed his surprise that Norwich should be given one for this purpose and says that because he is away until Thursday, the new arrival may possibly be postponed until his return.

On the road today timekeeping was unpredictable. The early morning service went well with only 20502 on K4 being 10 late, but later J11 11.18 Peterborough - Lowestoft was 15 late with 20114. Westbound services were on time until the 12.01 departure from Wisbech (Y14) which never arrived at all and was instead viewed by Bruce with Profile 20353 using the A47 bypass en route to Peterborough 30 late, it was nearer 15 late returning and this evening was 4 late on the 21.31 to Peterborough but very noteworthy was it arriving back at Wisbech 5 early on the 22.18 return.
K15 08.55 from Lowestoft with 20507 was heavily delayed and as a substitute 20142 was sent out from Lynn to Peterborough at 11.59, this also did remarkably well and was 2 early into Wisbech on the 13.18 ex Peterborough. 20507 meanwhile took on the mantle of K16 12.29 Lynn - Peterborough but was 26 late at Walpole. K16 itself had started with 20121 but this was removed and sent out to Hunstanton on Service 40. 20351 on K3 10.55 from Lowestoft was 20 late passing Bruce, but had regained a little time and was 14 late returning on the 15.18 from P'bo.
Other changes today were 20506 on K6 09.18 ex Peterborough which was removed at Lynn for safety checks and a service and replaced by 20127 off K20. 20509 which had been having attention to its brakes took the afternoon part of K20. 20508 on K2 17.18 ex Peterborough came off at Lynn for a service and 20105 took over. Sister 20106 worked a Hunstanton schools turn today, but not one of the usual turns, instead it did route 8 which I believe is normally a decker, however, Olympian 34904 fell apart at Snettisham this morning with a seized engine and had to be towed back to Lynn and this would have made them short. Whilst on the subject of schools work , 20105/109/131 did the usual Hunstanton turns while Sam spotted 20126 on contract 878 this morning at Loddon.

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