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Friday 20th February 2009 ~ FST is back !

Yes a dose of FST, good old fashioned 'Friday Standard Time' hit the service today. As usual things were pretty much alright until lunchtime. Morning services seen at Wisbech were K1 07.48 ex Peterborough with 37567 (1 early), K2 08.18 37577 (2 late and with a new advert for Expedia Weekend Breaks in a very similar colour scheme to the Cadburys Creme Egg one it has replaced), Y8 09.01 Wisbech - Peterborough 37566 (1 late), Y9 09.31 37564 (4 late), J10 11.39 Wisbech - Lowestoft 7 late with unid B9, J11 12.09 to Lowestoft with 37579 (10 late) and L12 12.39 eastbound 20107 (11 late).
The balloon went up with Y14 which is due to depart Wisbech for Lowestoft at 13.39, but which was seen arriving 27 late with 37570, closely followed by 37578 on K15. Some interchanging of passengers is believed to have taken place at Wisbech and it looks like Y14 then went via the bypass to Lynn while K15 took the booked route through the villages, passing Bruce 9 late. At this time services to Peterborough were running 15 late and were jointly observed by Bruce and myself as follows : K16 37568, K17 20105 and K18 14.01 Wisbech - P'bo 37565.
Next westbound service was K3 which was 15 late passing Bruce with 20109, but presumably due to congestion 25 late when seen by me departing Wisbech. A degree of normality returned with of all turns K5 (see yesterday), which was a very respectable 2 late with 37569. After this though things worsened and K7 was 20 late with 37572, K1 was 24 late going to Peterborough with a B9 - possibly not 567 which was on it this morning, K2 may have been knocked out due to the late running and the bus on K2, 37577, was seen departing Wisbech at 17.06 - either 35 late if still on K2 or 5 late if by now on K4. Next westbound was 20353 seen near Terrington at 17.24 running either 38 late if K4 or 8 late if K6 !! It would subsequently appear that 20353 did take up K6 and worked through to Lowestoft on the 18.18 from Peterborough.
Bruce paid a visit to Rowan Road this morning and present were 20352 (no apparent reason so perhaps fresh off a maintenance service), 20131 (electrical fault) and 20106 (ready to depart for Ipswich on rail replacement duties). The White Elephant off K20 was hiding in the depths of Vancouver Avenue.

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