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Thursday 26th February 2009 ~ Full House

All the B9 Geminis were in use on the X1 today, that's not to say that all were functioning properly. Tonight 37576 was due to have a leaking header tank examined and 37575 its hydraulic fan motor. 20127 was sent out on K2 today and this turn dies at Lowestoft. 20107 put in an appearance too, on Y14 which was expected to have been 37569. The latter may have had to visit Lowestoft depot for a service, as tonight it came in on K19. The morning part of K19 had been worked by 20109.
20352 was over the pits in Vancouver Avenue tonight, both Rob B and Andrew report it being seen on Hunstanton schools work this week. 20351 was meanwhile on K4 and 20353 did the morning Norwich run (K20). 37564 which was on L12 this morning looks like it was removed from the duty at Lynn at 13.07 and 20353 went forward, while 37564 ended up on the second half of K20.
I had a look at the mileometer on 37569 tonight - it read 37532.3 which I guess is km rather than miles. The B9s were employed as follows today : 37563 K5, 37564 L12/K20, 37565 L11, 37566 Y8, 37567 K6 (no rear service number display), 37568 Y21, 37569 K19b, 37570 K15 (third day in a row), 37571 Y10, 37572 K7, 37573 K17, 37574 L9, 37575 K16. 37576 L13, 37577 K1, 37578 K18 and 37579 K3.
B10Ms at Lynn this evening were 20105/07 (off Y14)/18/21 (gearbox u/s)/31. Most services seen today were in the region of 5 minutes late.
Finally a note on the breakdown of 20105 on Tuesday, it actually expired at Peterborough and when seen at Wisbech was en route back to Lynn after a temporary repair had been affected on its stop solenoid.

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