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Tuesday February 17th 2009 ~ Amalgamation

Or....Don't try and overtake this bus because you'll destroy the ozone layer ?
20109 heads into Walton Highway on Monday morning's K4. It was on the same turn today.

The news filtered through today of the merger of First Eastern Counties and First Essex. Experts said this had been a prospect for several years, others are now pondering whether outposts such as King's Lynn will be left with older buses, the newer ones moving to nearer London. Surely Lynn have always had old buses ? Bruce is rather hoping that the B9 Geminis will be moved in that direction.
Today 20118 which had indeed done Y14 last night was out again on K1 07.48 ex Peterborough. 20109 did K4 yet again and was on time, while L13 had an unidentified B10M at lunchtime but had 37566 tonight. K20 this evening was also a single decker of some description and Jamie Vendy saw 20105 at some point during the day on an X1.

1 comment:

jimbo said...

Hi Gerard.

Well as for Kings Lynn being left out in the cold,Essex have places like Harwich,Clacton,Maldon,Braintree,which are probably smaller in operational size than Kings Lynn,personally i feel this at present going to be similar to what happened with Cambus/United Counties,power sharing,using the best resources in the way of admin staff,maybe later we will see more buses being moved around,but,i wouldn't like to say your x1 deckers will be prime targets though,they don't have many deckers in Essex to shout about,they have height restrictions in many area's.