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Monday 23rd February 2009 ~ So That's What They Mean By A Weekend Break ?

As previously reported in this blog 37575/7 had advertisements for Expedia Weekend Breaks attached on Friday, so imagine my surprise when today 37575 appeared with a replacement promo for a new film called 'The Young Victoria' fitted at either Lowestoft or Yarmouth over the weekend ! Similarly adorned is 37565 and sporting an ad for the first time, 37563 spotted by Rob Brooks today.
King's Lynn were short of sufficient vehicles to cover today, the expected allocation was 20105/109/118/127 = three Hunstanton schools plus one X1 (K19?), 20351/2 and 37563/4/6/8/9/71/2/4/9 (Total 11 for X1). The requirement on weekdays is for 13 X1 vehicles and although precise details are unclear, it looks as though 20127 did K17 and not K19 as expected and was swapped - presumably at Yarmouth - for 37570 which had expired there on Saturday. K19 had either a B10 (20131 was on repairs and may have been complete in time) or either Gemini 37579 or B7 20351 and the shortfall was made up by Scania 65540 which did K4 all day. This is quite unusual these days, a Scania quite often starts out on K4, but is usually swapped at Lynn at either 10.12 or 16.29. In conclusion, either 37579 or 20351 was unavailable today hence the Scania appearance. B10 20103 did Y8 and an unidentified B10, probably 20109, did K20 tonight. Interestingly, neither Bruce, Rob or myself viewed Y14 at lunchtime, though tonight it was 37578 as expected. J11 with 37575 was 17 late past Bruce this morning, but had reduced the defecit to 5 minutes when returning east through Wisbech just after midday. Another B9 which made up time well was 37571 which was 27 late into Wisbech for the 08.31 to Peterborough this morning, 20 late returning east and only 9 late when seen tonight on the 17.31 Wisbech - Peterborough.

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ryan said...

20127 wasnt at yarmouth we have 20107 20103 20126 37571 37569 37564