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Friday February 27th 2009 ~ Why 21 ?

Looking more battered by the day, 20127 seen on Y14 at lunchtime - damn that sunshine !
37576 with 'Young Victoria' ad on K18 on Wednesday seen near Wheatley Bank turn.

20351 heads for Peterborough on K17 on Wednesday lunchtime

The one X1 turn which has intrigued me since it began, partly because it works off Yarmouth is Y21. Thanks to Des we now have full details of what the bus concerned does :

Either 07.15 or 07.25 Gorleston to Norwich - Return light to GY Depot
10.53 G/Y Depot to Gorleston, 11.08 Gorleston to Norwich, 12.08 Norwich to Gorleston - Empty to G/Y Depot
15.13 G/Y Depot light to Norwich, 15.53 Norwich to Lowestoft, 17.25 Lowestoft to King's Lynn. Garaged overnight at King's Lynn.

As Des says, this seems rather a waste of an Excel vehicle. Regarding the speedo reading on 37569 which I mentioned yesterday, Des says "The mileage reading was probably in Miles and not KM. The digital display on the dashboard will display may variations of differing information. Most of the drivers tend to like the display that shows Speed in MPH in the top 'box' and Adblue levels in the bottom 'box'. (The most comfortable steering wheel position for me is one that completely obliterates the Speedo dial !)".
Going briefly back to yesterday and K1 with 37577 did not complete the turn and 20109 is believed to have done the second part commencing with the 12.25 ex Lowestoft. 37579 which was on K3 was then kept at Lowestoft and 37577 returned homeward on the last leg, 20.58 from Lowestoft. What (if anything) was amiss with 37577 was only trivial as today it worked K1 again. 37579 on the other hand did not appear.
Only exceptions to B9 operation today were 20109 on L12, 20127 on Y14, 20351 on K17 and 20353 on K3. K19 was not viewed by Michael, so information on this one would be welcome. Bruce saw 20352 at Rowan Road together with 20121 (gears) and 20105 while 20118 was at Vancouver Avenue, so all four can be ruled out as K19. Sounds like 20107 is favourite.
Timekeeping took a dive after 16.00 with 37576 13 late on K2 16.31 Wisbech - P'bo and 37570 22 late on K4 following. Going east K5 was 37566 also 22 late on the 16.39 Wisbech - Yarmouth. Geminis not seen today were 37563 (Y21 ??) and 37579.

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