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Wednesday 18th February 2009 ~ The Circus Comes To Town

Traffic has been very light this week with it being schools half term, that was until today when obviously everyone decided to go out in the car for a day out ! The other side effect of this is that the coaches normally restricted to Hunstanton schools work have taken their chance to get out on the X1.
Timekeeping was Ok to begin with and K1 07.48 from Peterborough was 3 early at Walton Highway with 37565. Likewise 37566 on Y9 was right time and 37577 on Y8 and 37576 on L12 just a couple of minutes late. Highlight of the morning though was undoubtedly the appearance of 20131 on K6 07.59 Lynn - Peterborough and 09.18 Peterborough - Lowestoft. It was not alone representing the old order either as 20103 was J10 and 20118 Y14. The latter was delayed westbound at Wisbech by hordes of passengers and was 16 late returning. By teatime things had not improved and K4 16.29 Lynn - Peterborough was 16 late at Walton Highway with 37579. K7 16.18 from Peterborough was also 16 late with 37575.
What happened this evening is currently unclear and had it not been for the fact that I went to the pub to play cards I would have been unaware of any difficulties. The 19.18 from Walpole Highway to Lowestoft (K6) passed through slightly late with 37574, or so it appeared. What I didn't realise at the time was that this was K2 running 63 late ! Subsequent eastbound services were viewed from the Rose Tavern, on the North Brink in Wisbech and were as follows :

K4 B9 due 18.33 - passed at 19.58
K6 B9 due 19.03 - passed at 20.41 (98 late)
Y8 B9 due 19.33 - passed at 20.42 !!
Y9 B9 due 20.03 - passed at 20.44 !!
K20 20109 due 21.03 - passed at 21.11
L13 B9 due 22.03 - passed at 22.05

This must have been because of an A47 accident. The trio of white elephants passing just before a quarter to nine even raised the eyebrows of the locals and a rumour started that it was the same bus doing a circuit, or should that be a circus ?
Westbound 20118 was on time on Y14 21.31 Wisbech - Peterborough.

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