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Thursday 29th January 2009 ~ Creme Egg Mystery.

Writing this on Sunday evening, so will make it brief. There was a Profile B7 on the first westbound service out of Yarmouth (Y8) and this was assumed to be 20351 which went over on K6 yesterday. Two B10Ms were noted being 20103 on L13 07.45 ex Lowestoft on which it did the whole turn and 20104 which was K5, a rarity these days. Geminis seen out were : K1 565, K7 572, J10 579, J11 569, Y14 575, K16 567, K17 576 and K18 563.
37565 was in service today having had its Cadburys Creme Egg advert removed, which is odd as all the others etain it. Bruce says to tell you all that the class 31 misreported as 31232 last night was of course 31233. Meanwhile Ryan reports that Yarmouth have 5 B10 coaches in attendance, these being 20123 20126 20127 20129 (trainer) and now 20115 also.

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