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Saturday 7th February 2009 ~ B10Ms to the rescue

37575 on K17 this lunchtime making a wintry scene at Walpole.

Didn't venture out this morning, but had to take a trip to Wisbech in the afternoon. First bus seen was 37575 on K17 09.55 from Lowestoft which was 8 late. At Wisbech Y14 12.48 from Peterborough arrived on time with 37570. After this no less than three B10Ms appeared in five minutes through Walpole Highway !! 20118 was working the 13.18 from Peterborough instead of 20351 which had started the turn, 20103 passed by over 30 late on K18 10.25 from Lowestoft and a couple of minutes behind that was 20105 on K3 10.55 ex Lowestoft. Bruce was about in his car too and there were some frantic mobile phone calls when he saw 103 and 105. In addition K4 was worked by 20109. Four B10s on a Saturday is exceptional as normally there are sufficient B9s and B7s to cope without using any at all. 20103 did something remarkable, it worked as 'not in service' from Wisbech at 14.39 , but was back on K18 on time when seen by Bruce at 15.48 at Walpole. Did it turn round at Thorney possibly ??
Other Lynn turns today were K1 37567, K2 37576, K5 37578, K6 37570 and K16 37565. How 37570 managed to get on Y14 having started on K6 is a mystery. Later K6 was seen with 37576 which had earlier been on K2. Tonight Y9 19.18 ex Peterborough was 37579.

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