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Saturday 31st January 2009 ~ Bits and Pieces

A few bits today as I had friends visiting. there were at least two B10Ms out, 20103 was K16 and was 14 late through Terrington heading west (due here at 12.44). Jamie V reported 20104 on K6 09.18 ex Peterborough. Late running caused much swapping, for instance 37563 on K1 07.48 from Peterborough returned later on J11 15.55 from Lowestoft after a 210 minute break. 20104 on K6 didn't come back and this was 37567 which had gone across on K5. Jamie R travelled over on Y9 which very unusually was 20351, it was a little late at Walpole Highway on the 11.19 to Lowestoft. Only other service originating from the coast identified was L13 with 37570.
According to the board at Lynn, today's departures were : K1 563, K2 571. K3 576, K4 20352, K5 567, K6 20104, K7 20353, K15 575, K16 20103, K17 578 and K18 565.

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