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Tuesday 24th February 2009 ~ Jigsaw Puzzle

Ryan was in touch today to say that the buses with relevance to the X1 which spent overnight at Yarmouth were as follows : 20103/7/26, 37564/9/71. this is strange because while the Geminis went over on K5, K1 and K6 respectively yesterday, 20103 was last seen on Y8 yesterday morning. It looks like it came off at some point and was probably the unidentified B10M I saw on K20 last night. Today the three Geminis at Yarmouth were used as follows : 37564 Y21, 37569 Y14 and 37571 Y8. Grahame saw 20103 on a schools turn at Yarmouth this morning.
There were two other unexplained things today both involving B10Ms. Imagine you are a detective ? Try working this one out. Firstly 20127, which was still at King's Lynn (and therefore had not done the first part of K17 yesterday as I thought), had according to the board at the garage, done K2, but this evening 20109 was on this turn. 20109 itself had gone east on K19 this morning, but at lunchtime Sam saw a Volvo Olympian on this diagram. Tonight K19 returned to Lynn with 37568. Meanwhile Y9 appeared at Wisbech at 09.30 with 37567, which is believed to have come on at Lynn. To add to the confusion, the next service, J10 was seen 12 late with 20105. This then expired at Wisbech with a solenoid problem on the 10.48 Peterborough - Lowestoft and after fitters attention went empty to Lynn where after repairs it was fit to continue on Hunstanton schools work. J10 restarted at Lynn at 12.12 with..... 20127 which was where this topic started !!! The most likely explanation for all this is as follows ; Y9 began at Lowestoft with 20105 which was replaced by 37567 at Lynn, 20105 which had been removed to get it back onto schools work, then continued west after relieving an unknown vehicle on J10 half an hour later. The ailing vehicle was then sufficiently revived to be sent back to Lowestoft on K2 replacing 20127. As to the identity of the mystery vehicle ? I'd put money on it being 37568 !
Well if you haven't got a headache after reading that, then you are made of strong stuff and if you understood it perfectly, then you are made of even stronger stuff !
For the second day running 65540 did K4 in its entirety. This didn't impress Mr. Robinson who had to suffer the indignity of travelling on it on the 17.48 ex Peterborough and who thus arrived here with the numb bum associated with Scania travel.
On the Profile front, the two regular turns managed to account for two of them today, viz 20351 on K3 and 20353 on K17. The other, 20352 was at Rowan Road awaiting attention for battery and turbo problems. 20118 joined 20105 on this afternoon's Hunstanton schools work, but what did the third turn is unknown. It couldn't have been a B10M as 20131 was in Vancouver Avenue still undergoing repairs to an electrical fault and 20121 is unserviceable.
The situation at Lynn should be eased somewhat tomorrow, as 37573 has arrived back here following accident repairs at R.H. Bodyworks near Diss. It had apparently hit some protruding scaffolding in Peterborough a couple of weeks back. Gemini 37579 has received an advert for a new series on the Disney Channel while the 'Young Victoria' ad is now on 37563/5/75/6/7. This means that 37575/7 only carried the Expedia Weekend Break ad for.... a weekend ! Timekeeping was good today and thanks to Rob Brooks, Bruce and Sam for sightings. Apart from 37573, the remaining 16 Geminis were all in service on X1 today.
20120 and 20505 are believed to both be in Scotland now and 20121 is due to receive attention from a Powertrain engineer tomorrow, 20123/4 have been seen in normal service working off Ipswich depot following their long period of inactivity.

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Rob Brooks said...

I saw 20352 arrive into Lynn yesterday afternoon with not in service, and was then joined by an un/id B9 at 1400. Maybe one or the other done the schools?