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Saturday 14th February 2009 ~ Return to the Fens

I made my return home this morning and found myself on the A47 at Peterborough around 13.25. No roadworks to delay things today, but westbound services I met were running fairly late. I passed 37567 on K16, 37575 on K17 and 37565 on K18. My sister saw 37563 on K5 running about 20 late.
Went to King's Lynn for an update. 20505 was in the corner of Rowan Road compound, so not gone yet, but 20121 had returned and was parked here as if it had never been away. Other vehicles at Rowan Road were 20109 with 'special' on the front, well we know it is ! 20131 (41), 20351 (out of service) and 20105. At Vancouver Avenue were 37570 off J10 and 20353 off K4, while outside was 37566 which Bruce saw on Thursday. It's collision repairs have included it receiving a bold font fleet number on the front. It had been on K3, but came off at some point and was replaced by 37572. Over the pits in the garage were 20106, 65532 and 34950.
The seven X1 diagrams which originate at Yarmouth or Lowestoft all pass through or terminate at Lynn during a 80 minute period on Saturday evenings. Tonight they were : Y8 37568, Y9 37576, J10 37570, J11 37579, L12 37571, L13 20103 and Y14 37569.
King's Lynn turns not mentioned so far were : K1 37564, K2 37574, K6 37578, K7 20352 and K15 37577.

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