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Tuesday 10th February 2009 ~ A47 Tricks

B10M 20107 arrives at Wisbech on L13 at lunchtime. It had avoided the A47 incident and came in via the Old Market and Freedom Bridge.
Gemini 37576 leaves Wisbech Horsefair on the 13.01 to Peterborough today. It had replaced 20109 at Lynn.

After what seems like a few months without an 'A47 day', today upset the placidity. An accident near Guyhirn about midday caused lengthy queues and Jamie Robinson reports that traffic was solid from Wisbech Tesco to Guyhirn eastbound at 12.35. L12 11.48 ex P'boro got caught up in the mayhem with 37572 and passed Bruce at Walpole Highway 40 late, running behind 20107 on L13 which travelled via Wisbech St. Mary to avoid the chaos and which was 8 late from Wisbech. Later Terence saw 37572 arriving at Lowestoft with 'not in service' on the front before resuming its turn as L12. K17 with 20351 also seems to have travelled westbound via Wisbech St. Mary, but 37568 on K18 took the normal route and ran 2 minutes early.

K4 couldn't even manage a B10M today because 20104 once again had battery charging problems. As a result, it was Scania 65531 which took the 07.29 Lynn - Peterborough. 20104 was later revived and took over. K19 left Lynn with 20105 this morning, but 20103 then took over and came back tonight. 20105 itself turned up on Y21 sounding most unhealthy with a badly screeching fanbelt. 20109 did K16 but came off at Lynn at lunchtime so that it could make up the shortfall on Hunstanton schools. It was replaced by 37576 off K20. The afternoon part of K20 was 37574 off repairs. 20505 has returned to Rowan Road pending transfer. Geminis 37576/9 have lost their Creme Egg/Sex Drive ads this weekend and now sport more tasteful examples promoting the film 'New In Town'. Not that I'm suggesting that Cadbury's Creme Eggs are not tasteful ! Speaking of eggs, Jamie Vendy reports a Gemini arriving at Lynn this evening having been pelted with them. Arrivals at Lynn in the early evening were : J10 37578, K4 20104, J11 37579, L12 37572, Y8 37564, K19 20103 and Y21 20105. Today Sam noted 20127 on the shuttles. 20351/353 were K17 and K3 as usual.

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