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Thursday 12th February 2009 ~ A Tale of Two Travellers

My contribution to today's blog is merely my sightings first thing this morning : K1 568, K2 575 and Y8 579. K4 had not passed me by the time I reached Guyhirn roundabout at 09.46 so was running pretty late.
Bruce also took a trip out this morning and says : " Went to Peterborough but the radio said the A47 was closed at Thorney so I had to go Whittlesea way. Hadn't seen any X1s all morning but Emblings had a VR on the 701 service. Coming home, met 574 at Guyhirn at about 14.30 on what I think was K18 and 577 at Wisbech Tesco (K3) but with considerably less than 30 mins between them. Parked in the multi story by the Bus Station and walked over to the Old Market Place and back and hung around a bit but no X1s seen. Nor did I see any driving home at 15.20!"
Sounds like a chose a good day to be away then.

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