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Sunday 8th February 2009 ~ Counting Them In

37574 hiding from the snow, out of traffic at Lynn depot tonight minus a mirror and wiper.
37573 passes piles of snow at Walpole Highway this afternoon while operating the 14.18 from Peterborough. The smaller destination display is visible and was working despite its appearance in this picture.

King's Lynn had 5 B9 Geminis due to arrive late this evening where they joined 37567/78 at Rowan Road and 37572/4 at Vancouver Avenue. Of the latter pair, 572 was suspiciously sitting in exactly the same spot as it had done last Thursday evening, suggesting that it may need repairs. 574 certainly does as it has a mirror missing and a broken wiper. The three B7 Profiles were all at Lynn tonight, 20351/3 in the garage and 20352 at Rowan Road. B10Ms available were 20105/6/9/18/31 and 20103 was on the 21.18 ex Peterborough. At least three B10Ms will need to be used on X1 turns tomorrow if 37572/4 are not back on the road, leaving the remaining three for Hunstanton schools runs. 20118 did not complete K15 yesterday and must have come off at Lynn at 14.37 as it was then on Hunstanton services.
Paragon 20505 is still here and was on No. 2 pit at the garage tonight flanked by 65525 and 34921. As well as 20103, the following B9s were seen on X1s today : 37564/68/71/73/77 leaving three turns unknown.

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