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Monday 16th February 2009 ~ Where Has 20120 Gone ?

Two buses which have disappeared from King's Lynn are former X1 coach 20120 which spent several months here since its last working in August and Olympian 34904. I will investigate further but my visit today was untimely as the boss man wasn't there.
The new rear ads are not quite what I'd described and actually promote motorists accelerating gently to limit CO2 emissions, today I saw 37571 with one of these adverts and Rob B reports 37570 as also treated. B7s 20352/3 did K17 and K3 as booked while 20351 remains sidelined at Rowan Road with a door problem. During my visit this afternoon, 20105 was also present and 20121 which was started up by a rail replacement employee. There was no sign of 20505 which may be at Volvo for repairs.
So what of the other B10Ms today ? Well 20103 was K19 this morning and tonight 20104 was seen arriving at Wisbech a few minutes late on L13 20.31 to Peterborough. 20106 was at Lynn garage and 20109 spent the day on K4, seen at Walpole Highway 15 late this morning and 5 late tonight. 20118 was believed to be the vehicle I viewed from the pub tonight on Y14 (it is difficult to positively identify buses at night, but it was definitely a B10M and looked as if it had the Norfolk Police side ads which can only mean it was 118). B9s NOT seen were 37563/5/7/73/6/9 with turns J11, L12 and Y21 unaccounted for.
Timekeeping was hit and miss until lunchtime, but this afternoon 20352 was dead on time at Terrington on K17.

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ECBusman said...

Hi Gerard,
I've heard that 20120 is at Norwich - but it might be one of those un-identified at Yarmouth yesterday. I will hopefully get down to Lowestoft, one day this week, to do a full days report there. Terence.