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Monday 2nd February 2009 ~ Snow joke

37571 arrives at Wisbech today on K18 14.01 to Peterborough during some light snow.
Wintry scene at Walpole Highway this lunchtime, 37571 is approaching on the 13.47 to Peterborough while 37574 disappears eastbound as the 13.49 to Lowestoft.

37574/577 at a snowy Rowan Road on Sunday evening

Weather forecasts for some days had predicted snow in the east for Sunday afternoon and to a lesser extent today. Certainly here in the west, the accumulations of snow forecast failed to materialise, although Norwich seems to have been more seriously affected. In Wisbech, light snow fell intermittantly today but scarcely enough to settle and by this evening it had turned to rain. The only X1 service which seems to have run foul of the weather was as one might expect, the first departure westbound from the coast. Y8 was 37569 which departed Wisbech at 09.27, around 26 late. After this delays of up to 15 minutes gradually evaporated and by the time J11 11.18 from Peterborough passed me with 20103, it was just a minute behind time. 37578 on K16 13.01 ex Wisbech to P'boro was 12 late but thereafter things once again improved. L13 07.45 from Lowestoft arrived at Wisbech with 20109 which had presumably replaced the original vehicle on this turn at either Norwich or Lynn. Only B7 seen was an unidentified example on K17 14.18 from Peterborough which was on time.
B9 37564 was Y9 today and it has now had its advert for 'Mamma Mia' removed. B9s not seen in service today were 37565/566/572/575. K4 and K20 had unidentified B9s and K7 was not seen, along with K19 and Y21.
First B9 I saw today was 37573 on K1 which I can confirm as being in the condition Andrew described recently. This morning its destination read 'Lowestoft X'.

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