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Saturday February 28th 2009 ~ Maids Of All Work

37563 on its final working of the week, K16 13.48 Peterborough - Lowestoft leaving King's Lynn this afternoon.
37579 negotiating London Road in King's Lynn on K15 14.42 to Lowestoft. It was running about 20 minutes late.

Thanks to Sam for this publicity !!
Or if you prefer 'Jack of all Trades'. I'm talking about the remaining B10Ms here. Not content with covering for the X1, Hunstanton services and schools work, today 20105/9 were made ready at Lynn to be borrowed for rail replacement work. How long they will be required for is uncertain, but it could lead to a pretty critical situation at Lynn if they are not back for Monday.
This week 20352 which is unfit for public service was pressed into service without its turbocharger working on Hunstanton schools jobs, thus operating at a reduced speed. Parts are expected to arrive shortly so that it can resume its X1 work. Today it was decided to use 20351 (K4) and 20353 (K7) with 20107 on K18 and keep 37572 spare at Vancouver Avenue for a well earned rest (see below). At Rowan Road 20118 was also available.
20127 set out on K1 this morning, but was replaced (at Yarmouth, I believe) by 37566, so whether this will turn out to have ended its loan is unclear. Bruce is hoping 20126 will make an appearance of course !
Fortunately, apart from a few delays, the X1 seemed to run without incident today. Latest services seen were K15 running 21 late and K16 15 late with 37579 and 37563 respectively. K5 was also about 15 late with 37567. On the positive side L11 with 37565 managed to be only a couple of minutes late arriving at Wisbech for the 19.31 to Peterborough despite football traffic at Norwich.
K7 seems to be a regular B7 turn on a Saturday, today as we've said it was 20353 which brought to an end a five day stint of 37572 which had worked K7 every day since Monday.

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