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Sunday 15th February 2009 ~ Environmentally Friendly !

The advertising chaps were at work overnight and today a clutch of B9 Geminis appeared with rear ads for the first time. 37566/68/69/79 were all seen treated, I think they are boasting of the low exhaust emissions on todays buses. All X1 turns were seen bar one. 37565 on the 10.59 Lynn - Peterborough was swapped on returning to Lowestoft and 37579 appeared tonight. Other Geminis out were 37563/4/6/8/9/72/7.
Regarding the B10Ms relegated to rail replacement work, Nick Field reports on EABG : "20121/23/24 will move to Ipswich before Friday to work Ipswich to Billericay on Sunday. They should remain there for 8 weeks, then one will go for paint and rebrand in Essex before coming back to be based at Ipswich. Eventually 20106/15/21/23/24 will all be done along with 20102/110 at Essex. Then the allocation should follows : -KL 20106/15, NOR 20121, IPS 20123/24, Clacton 20102/110".

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