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Friday 30th January 2009 ~ Eterborough ?

Andrew writes that 37573 on K6 07.59 Lynn - Peterborough this morning "appears to have had a new piece off glass fitted around the front destination display and the blacked out surround partly blocks the led display for example on the 'Peterborough' it blocks some of the p and all of the route number! ". I will watch out for that one Andrew.
The service ran fairly well considering it was a Friday today. Maximum lateness recorded on a bitterly cold day in Wisbech was 12 by 37579 on K18 14.48 ex Peterborough and 20351 on K3 following it at 15.18. Tonight though I was at Peterborough railway station to witness 37572 arrive at 18.16 (due 17.43) on K4. Surprisingly J11 was one of the other B7s and Bruce reported another in Vancouver Avenue being repaired. 20141 and 20506 had also migrated to the garage from Rowan Road. B10Ms continue to appear and today we had 20103 on L13 followed by 20104 on Y14, both did the full diagrams.
Gemini B9s seen were : K1 568, K2 569, K4 572, K6 573, K7 575, Y8 578. Y9 567, J10 565, L12 571, K16 577 and K18 579.

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