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Wednesday 11th February 2009 ~ Just When You Thought They Had Gone

Emails exchanged with Nick Field on EABG this evening were of interest to this blog. It appears that the transfer of 20121/3/4 to Scotland has been abandoned, only problem being that of course 20121 has already gone north. Nick says that he is rostered to take 20505 northbound this weekend and will return with 20121 !! He adds "20121/123/24 were all meant to be heading to Glasgow but are now staying and dont form part of the ops fleet and once the tridents come 20115/106 will follow suit.They are all to be painted in a X1 colour scheme for Private Hire and Rail Replacement Service 20106/15 at KL, 20121 Norwich VR and 20123/24 Ipswich".
Should prove interesting ! I'm sure the private hire work will include use on the X1 if recent events are to continue. Today King's Lynn began the day with the exact requirement to cover its 13 X1 turns and 3 Hunstanton schools services. Everything seems to have worked Ok with B10s covering as follows : 20104 K18, 20107 K16 and 20109 K6/Y9. In the latter case 109 was two early on K6 at 10.16 passing Bruce at Walpole Highway eastbound, whether it came off at Lynn at 10.37 or continued on the turn until 16.54 is debatable, however, it was utilised once more at 17.59 when it did Y9 to Peterborough. Meanwhile K6 tonight was 37579. L13 ran slightly late at lunchtime, but on time tonight with the trusty 20103 incidentally.
K19 is a bit of a mystery as Michael Bryant viewed it at lunchtime with 37567, which is believed to have been released off maintenance at Lowestoft. Possibly 20105 did the first part, but due to its clanking and wheezing was removed for examination ? Speaking of exams, the Lynn servicing diagram K20 was 37564 today and it was seen on the 17.17 Norwich - Peterborough tonight having acquired the 'New In Town' ad mentioned yesterday. Punctuality was average today, highlight being 37568 on K4 17.01 Wisbech - Peterborough which was 2 early departing.
I'm away until Saturday now, so if you wish to see a blog for the intervening days, please submit your sightings for Thursday/Friday and if sufficient gen is available I will compose a blog on my return.

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Norfolkbus said...

Just a note for Thursday 12th Feb, 37566 & 37569 both noted at Lowestoft out of use today plus another unidentified B9 also parked up at Caister Road out of action. 20107 was noted working the X2 to Norwich in the afternoon.