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Sunday 1st February 2009 ~ Gone with the wind

Discovered tonight that four Glasgow drivers flew in to Norwich Airport on Friday morning whence they were taxied to Lynn to fetch 20505/6, 20121 & 20141. In the event 20505 had to be left behind as it had a problem with its gears. It was at a snowy Rowan Road tonight and is the last remaining coach due for transfer. On a related note Jamie V sent a web link to photos of reliveried 20500/1 now branded for the X22 Colchester - Stansted service, this made me smile as despite the new livery, the fleet numbers are in different positions ! :

Seen in service today were Geminis 37565/70/72/76. At Rowan Road were 20106/9/18, 20352, 20505, 37574 and 37577 while in Vancouver Avenue were 20105 (MOT), 20353, 37567/8/78.


Sam Wickham said...

Hi Gerard
By my calculations this leaves 20120/3/4 of the B10Ms left to transfer?


Gerardtcc said...

Hi Sam,

Yes would agree there. I gave the misleading impression everything had now gone. 505 is the only remaining vehicle at Lynn. 120 has gone, but I don't know where. Will try to find out. 123 still at Yarmouth, 124 presumed still at LFT.

Sam Wickham said...

Cheers Gerard
Will ask at Lowestoft for you


ECBusman said...

Hello Gerard,
Yarmouth have 4 (possibly 5) Premieres - P766 XHS, 2 Barbie 2 liveried and an un-identified one when I went up there on Sunday. Also, saw 37571/9 in service on Sunday. 20505 is the last B12B/M waiting to depart. Anyone heard of what has happened to 20122? Will check what is at Lowestoft on Tuesday. Terence Wilkins (ECBusman).

Sam Wickham said...

20122 is the Ipswich Driver Trainer