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Friday 12th November 2010 ~ X1 Al Fresco

Des says, my report today "37575 - Y7 06:10 Great Yarmouth - King's Lynn - on time throughout. Then Y9 37565 - 09:45 King's Lynn to Peterborough - on time (well... within a minute or two) throughout.
After a break I worked 37578 on L12 - 14:02 King's Lynn - Lowestoft as far as Yarmouth. We were 7 late departing Lynn (14:09), 10 late @ Swaffham (14:44), 5 late at Dereham (15:12) on time by Norwich (15:55) and onwards. The Christmas tree was erected opposite the Kings Lynn Library today. I was disappointed to see 20107 & 34108 running one after each other, no low floor service for an hour!". Indeed that is true Des, 37563 worked the last leg of Y13 yesterday instead of 34108 which was poorly. The Royale was fixed today and worked L11 which as you say followed 'The Beast' on L10. I followed the latter on the 22.00 Wisbech to King's Lynn tonight and she seemed to be going very well.
I'm not sure if 20121 did K3 today or not, can anyone confirm this ? An unusual procedure occurred tonight when 37569 on K4 was removed at Lynn in order for them to carry out a service on it, as Lowestoft were unable to arrange this. Lynn's 37579 took over K4.
I had a day off today and Bruce thought he'd surprise a couple of X1 drivers by sitting outside with his feet up - yes really, the joys of being retired !

Our lady driver of 37570 was quite amused by Bruce's efforts. I think she likes 37570, see blog of August 28th

The driver of 37565 wasn't in the least bit surprised - it was Des after all.

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