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Friday 26th November 2010 ~ That Friday Feeling

Snow and ice contributed to some disruption this morning. Westbound X1 services from the coast began alright with Y6 and its trusty beast (20107) being just 12 late. Y7 with 37563 was driven by Des and his journey log is reproduced here : "Light slushy snow on ground, but heavy snow falling to Norwich, depart 5 late (06:55) - From Easton to Little Fransham, 3-4 inches of hard packed snow/ice on all roads, did not seem to have been gritted at all. 9 late@ Dereham, 45 late @ Necton (08:35), 43 late @ Swaffham (08:45) arrive Lynn 42 late (09:21). Looked like a 7.5 ton truck had been recovered from north side of A47 at end of concrete carriageway, Beeston turn.

The A47 west of Dereham this morning with queueing traffic amidst the picturesque conditions.
 With 37563 arriving at King's Lynn 42 late, L8 following was also late with 37568, so Lynn produced 37158 to run in the path of L8. 158 was seen leaving Wisbech 2 minutes late, but full due to the non-appearance of Y7.
With 37158 now on L8, Y9 which had started with 37157 had 37568 take over at Lynn. This was 9 late passing Bruce, but just 5 late coming back. Meanwhile Y7 with 37563 ran empty to Peterborough before forming the 10.05 to Lowestoft on which it was 13 late arriving in Wisbech. Not bad considering it had earlier been 42 late. 37572 on L10 was replaced by 37157 (off Y9) at Lynn, then L11 with 37573 ran through. This left 37572 spare at Lynn and it then worked L8 12.02 to Lowestoft. The vehicle arriving on L8, 37158 was returned to its local work. Somehow this evening, 37157 ended up on Y9 with 37568 on L10.
Other swaps today involved K16 having 37156 removed at 13.07 at King's Lynn being replaced by freshly serviced 37579. The snow relented today, but the low temperatures caused problems. The 'Beast' on Y6 was failed before working the 20.35 Lynn to Lowestoft as it had no windscreen washer water. 37573 off L11 worked forward.
This handheld picture is quite blurred, but shows 20107 after being taken off Y6 tonight, together with King's Lynn's sole remaining Dart 43468 on the depot frontage.
20121 was not available for K3 today and instead this turn was worked by 37160. 37567/9 were absent from the X1. K2 had 37574, but Sam saw this heading empty up the A146 from Lowestoft to Norwich, where presumably it worked forward as the 13.55 to Peterborough. Sam also reports a B9 Gemini on the X2 early on and this is believed to have been 37567.

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