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Friday 19th November 2010 ~ Miles Better

I know I often harp on about the huge mileage amassed by the X1 buses, but it surely must be unique amongst long distance stopping services. Today 37575, the number one B9,  passed another milestone, if you'll pardon the pun. It has now done over 250,000 miles since it entered service on the route on November 12th 2008. If anyone can quote a greater mileage for a bus in a two year period, I will be very surprised.
Oh, and just in case you thought it was exceptional, take our old friend 'The Beast' 20107. She entered service in August 1995 - yes over 15 years ago - and in the 8 days up to yesterday (it didn't work on Sunday) had run up 2,500 miles. What can one say except, what a beast !!
Today 20107 had to be taken off the road for its scheduled safety service, so having worked K1 from Lynn to Peterborough and then back to Lowestoft, it was there replaced by 34108. Now in case you are wondering, 37568/9 should have been about, but obviously neither was fit to replace 107.
Fridays, as regular readers will be aware, can be disastrous for X1 punctuality, but today was fairly good. Daytime services were pretty much to time, save K17 with 37575. Due off Wisbech westbound at 14.18, it ran almost 15 late and this coincided with K14 running eastbound 15 late. This was 37564, so was heard well before it actually appeared due to the fan silencer or whatever it is that is malfunctioning.
20121  and 37571 were off the road for servicing at Lynn today. 37578 was also serviced here, but was ready in time to work K5.
Peter had a trip out to Nottingham today and travelled outward to Peterborough with 37578, however, his return from Peterborough at 17.40 was delayed as K3 was 20 late with the driver divulging that the A47 was 'shut at Wisbech'. While this didn't seem to affect all services, K1 was definitely involved. 34108 was very late arriving back at Lynn and instead the 18.02 to Lowestoft left with 37571. 34108 then retired to a rather congested Vancouver Avenue where the bus washer was out of order on this muddiest of days. 37567 off Y7 was also present, but with a damaged nearside mirror making manouvreing awkward in the garage confines.
Many thanks to Andy James for this picture of 37158 which was enjoying a break from the X1 today. It is seen here at Winston Churchill Drive on Fairstead Estate with King's Lynn town service 42 in today's foggy conditions.

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